July 18, 2016

Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios

The opening of the exhibition  “Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios”, by Ângela Ferreira (Curator: Ana Balona de Oliveira) will take place next thursday, 21st july, 6.30pm, at Galeria Av. da Índia.

Underground Cinemas and Towering Radios gathers a set of works by means of which Ângela Ferreira (Mozambique, 1958) has been investigating, celebrating and problematizing the decolonizing and revolutionary utopias of the euphoric period of nation building in Mozambique, between the independence in 1975 and the beginning of the civil war in 1977. In line with the theories of Frantz Fanon, Amílcar Cabral and Samora Machel, Ferreira examines the role of culture, notably of cinema and radio, in the nation-building process and in the dynamics of internationalist collaboration in a context of Cold War and anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. She pays homage to this historical moment by means of an investigative and archival practice undertaken through sculpture, video, sound, photography, serigraphy and drawing, in order to reveal images and sounds from this period, which often remain forgotten. Ferreira’s homages in the form of models and studies for monuments, usually including several versions, retain a quality of incompletion, openness, mobility and desire – even in the case of large installations, which have moved from the experimentation of drawings and maquetes towards the finish of the final sculpture. These archives and cartographies of revolution are monuments in (incomplete) revolution. The Mozambican post-independence utopia, its internationalist and grassroots communal efforts of decolonizing image production and distribution, and the impact of its (radio) waves on the anti-apartheid struggle return from their past futures to pose questions about (and to) the present.

Underground Cinemas & Towering Radios” can be seen from Tuesday to Friday (10 am to 6pm), and on Saturday and Sunday (2pm to 6 pm), free of charge.